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Basics - Build and Hack

In this video I build and hack a simple application. I show how to modify "IF"s and "String"s inside of the compiled .EXE

Hacking - The/Best/Keylogger

In this video I hack "The Best Keylogger". I hack past the password login and show the current password. I then replace a key string to allow removal and replacing of critical user information.

Tools - Brute Forcer

In this video I show a Brute Forcer attacking Backup Software passwords. I attack "Protect ME 2010!", "Androsa FileProtector" and "Memeo".

GrayWolf - Add-Ins

Edit GrayWolf with GrayWolf to insert a Add-IN. A short demo on editing applications.

Code Dev

CODE DEV - 1 of 10 Install Visual Studio

In this video I show Installing Visual Studio 2010 from the ground up.


-This video is for new programmers.

CODE DEV - 2 of 10 Start a Project in VS

In this video I Start a Project in Visual Studio 2010.


-This video is for new programmers.

CODE DEV - 3 of 10 Code the FOO Training Project

In this video I Code project "FOO", this will be the base training project for this video set. I cover the basics of good layout and Coding.


-This video is for Intro programmers.




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