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We will find a soultion


Protecting your Digitalbody in the Digital World





Beyond Secure

Applications written in C# or any .NET Framework language (VB.NET, MC++...) can be secured.

Get a security evaluation of your software or the software you need a high level of confidence in.

Attack and defend applications. If you need to find the vulnerabilities or need a custom security patch.

A unique style of modification can be crafted and implemented for any target.

Need on disk permit patch or custom injectable payload; it can be created with a minimal amount of effort.


Buy Security



We focus on application Offence and Defense

Applications can be better, and we can help this quest.

If you need to protect Intellectual property in an application or verify currently existing security features.

If you are just deploying an application or are purchasing the intellectual property of a system.

You should know the truth, get an independent evaluation with White or Black box evaluations.




When you need help

We work for you

If you are under digital attack we can help or find help

If you need help in the digital world we are willing to help.



  • Malware Analysis
    Application Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
    Code Review
  • Secure Programming
    Data Recovery
  • Application Hardening
    Data Security
  • Code Vetting
    Code Protection
  • Custom .NET App Mods
    Security Consulting







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